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Welcome to the enchanting world of the Braimnioti venue, our first jewel redefining the elegance of events since 1996. Our venue features a picturesque chapel that adds a touch of holiness to your celebrations. This venue is harmoniously adapted to an oasis of trees and a swimming pool, where calm waters and tropical greenery create an atmosphere of peaceful beauty. Our meticulously landscaped lawn provides the perfect setting for outdoor gatherings, surrounded by lush, vibrant vegetation. Relax and celebrate in our open bar, where expert bartenders create delectable concoctions. Feel the rhythm on our dance floor, embraced by the enchanting music of our DJ. Within this tropical paradise, the Braimnioti estate creates the setting for unforgettable moments.


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Discover the top 10 reasons why Braimnioti Event Venue stands as a testament to excellence. Explore the allure of this pioneering venue and unlock unforgettable possibilities for your celebration."

800 Guests Capacity
Open Bar
Kids Games
Swimming Pool
In House Cooking
DJ Setup
Dance Floor
Bridal Suite

Braimnioti Venue

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